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x1 Autographed Kuwi's Kitchen
x1 Kuwi Bikkie Cutter
x1 Kuwi Kid's Apron and Spatula
x1 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre 3 Piece Cup Set
x1 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fibre 5 Piece Dinner Set

$99 - SAVE $24

Illustrations from bestselling and award-winning Kuwi the Kiwi series of books, written by Kat Merewether (Illustrated Publishing)

Kuwi Kids' Apron and Spatula:
100% Cotton Apron.
Screen printed with adjustable straps.
Size fits ages 2-8.
Food grade Silicone Spatula.

Bamboo Fibre Products:
BPA Free
Food Safe
Dishwasher Safe
Made from ethically sourced Bamboo Fibre
We are proud that this product is not built to be on the planet forever. It is designed to be used daily for a few years, and once it gets a bit scratched up, you can lightly sand the surface, dispose and it will naturally biodegrade.


20c from each purchase is donated to Kiwis for Kiwi.

SHIPPING Rest of the World - Sorry, but due to the fragile nature of this product, we do not ship to the rest of the world.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars NZD. You only pay postage once - so the more books you buy, the more you save.